Sunday, July 05, 2009

Going to Chicago

It's that time again; actually it's a bit later than usual for that time. This year ALA Annual is July 9 - 15th in Chicago, IL. I waited to register, dragging my feet and the decision to attend until mid-June, and missed the opportunity to participate with Libraries Build Communities. I am disappointed, but did need to limit my time in Chicago for financial reasons; this year the 2009 and 2010 Annual Conferences will be in the same academic fiscal years and Chicago is completely on my dime. Hence, I will be leaving Friday and returning on Monday.

I have a reasonable morning departure time on Friday, a reservation at the Palmer House Hilton on the Gale Shuttle Route, and my return flight on Monday gets me home before the evening rush! I spent a bit of time shopping this holiday weekend, attending ALA is always a good reason to get a new summer outfit, and am now dithering about a new camera. I have determined not to take my computer, I can always use the Internet Cafe, so a new camera would be a treat. I still need to get a few essentials and to that point will be taking my Kohl's coupon on a ride tomorrow after work for new sneakers. So, even though I dithered, things are on coming along.

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