Friday, November 07, 2008

It's coming ...

It is official! The new web site will be transferred to the live server (as opposed to the review server) Monday morning at 9:00 am. The process should take 30 minutes, but I have posted to our library news blog cautioning patrons it may not be finished until noon. This way I have some leeway to make any necessary changes and/or tweaks.

I am joyous and yet oddly indifferent; it has been such a long, involved process the actual roll-out is almost anti-climactic. I am sure most of those feelings will be over run with glee when everything is live and works. I'm proud of what has been accomplished - and - am sure we could have done more. That's often the case with this type of project, as soon as it is complete there are ten more things I wanted to do.

I will soon be confronted by my "to-do" list, full of things that have been cast aside in favor of time spent on the web site. I worry about the towering mass of lists, folders, catalogs, journals, and magazines, one good wind and my filing system is defunct.

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