Monday, February 02, 2009

Steelers! Super Bowl XLIII Champs

My terrible towel is tired! It is now resting comfortably in my living room, happy to have been of service during Super Bowl XLIII last night.

I have been gleefully watching Super Bowl coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 most of the morning; what great planning to have a day off! I would more content Post-Gazette web site was not so over-run and I could read a bit of home-town sports coverage, but at this point I have made due with my bloglines feeds and the internet (slow as my dinosaur may be).

Pittsburgh Steelers Web Site

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Super Bowl Appearances
Super Bowl XLIII Coverage

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Winning Drive was Nothing New for Big Ben
Fans Heart’s Swell after Steelers Win
Steelers Win Super Bowl no. 6 with Late Drive
They’re the Lord of the Rings
Steelers Win on Holmes Late TD Grab
Views from Arizona: Time Ran Out for Warner

Pittsburgh News Stations

KDKA: Super Steelers! Pittsburgh Tops Arizona 27-23
WTAE: Steelers Come Back, Win Super Bowl XLIII

Other Sporting News

ESPN: Super Bowl XLIII 2008
ESPN: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona - Recap
ESPN: Sixth Sense, Steelers Do It The Right Way
SI: Steelers’ Familial Atmosphere Drives Super Bowl Win
SN: Playing Cards Right, Steelers Lay Claim to Sixcess
SN: Super Strategy Went Out the Window in Frantic Finish
NYT: The Terrible Towel's Legacy

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