Friday, January 30, 2009

Feedburner to Google

Logging into my Feedburner account for this blog earlier today I was prompted with a cheery message to move my existing account to Google's Feedburner:

Hey! We are moving FeedBurner accounts to Google. Learn more or Move your account now.

Since Google bought Feedburner in 2007, this was not that big a shock. Actually, the only real surprise is it took this long to put feedburner under the Google aegis. Everyone will be migrated under the big umbrella, so I went ahead and followed the steps to migrate.

The first step is signing into - or creating - a Google account for your feed. Again, no big surprise there, but my feeburner account for this blog is associated with a different existing gmail account, I had to determine which one to use. Complicating matters are the other Feedburner Accounts I have for work blogs that are related to one of my gmail accounts. It's always something with technology. So, fine. On we go ...

Mostly the process was painless; it did all the work and I whittled away a bit of time. There is a bit of annoyance as some of the statistics are "missing" as later reported by the Feeburner Status Blog: Subscriber Statistics in Will Be Delayed. Not only were my subscriber statistics obliterated, the site stats (visitors, pages, incoming, and outgoing) are also awol.

This is something that will keep me from migrating "official" library feeds over to blogger. My boss frequently asks for statistics regarding our news blog feed, users, and basic site information. Hopefully time and intrepid Google analysts will work out the existing bugs. A quick check of my new feed shows site visitors are still missing, as are the related site statistics.


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