Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running Hot

Running Hot, by Jayne Ann Krentz . After narrowly escaping an attempt on her life, Grace Renquist's new job as a librarian for the Arcane Society allows her to shield both her identity and level of psychic ability by hiding in plain sight. Things have certainly changed in a year; she is traveling to Maui on an undercover consultation for the Society's private investigative agency Jones & Jones. Ex-cop, and current bartender and part time employee of J & J, Luther Malone is her partner/bodyguard assigned to help Grace identify a murderer. What started as simple reconnaissance becomes increasingly complicated as Grace and Luther identify key members of a drug cabal with dangerous talents and incomplete auras. Truth is shaded by lies, abilities are concealed, and time is running out; members of the cabal are turning on each other. Working with a partner is challenging for both Grace and Luther; tempers clash and sparks fly, soon it's not just their senses running hot.

Running Hot is the latest entry in the Arcane Society series. Readers will be effortlessly drawn to Grace and Luther, a challenging pair with secrets and hidden agendas of their own. This is Krentz at her finest, fast paced with witty dialogue, steamy sex, and a good dose of mystery. Fans will be entranced by a closer inspection of series regular Fallon Jones and Grace's ties to the Eclipse Bay trilogy and eternal conspiracy theorist Arizona Snow. A well-crafted stand-alone title, it is not necessary to be familiar with the Arcane Society. Krentz's web site has information about Running Hot and all of the other Arcane Society novels.

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