Saturday, April 18, 2009

Irony, computer style

Joyous email news on Thursday alerted me my laptop had shipped and would arrive in five to seven days (choose free shipping = longer wait).Yipee! I received my printer and extended warranty package earlier this week ; a bit odd, but not without merit.

This morning I turned on the reliable dinosaur to pay bills and back up a few files (photos, etc.) and discovered my monitor was toast. Just in case, I turned everything off, walked away for an hour, and tried again. Zip, zilch,nada , just an unblinking black screen that appeared to be metaphorically sticking out it's tongue. Fine. Too annoyed to go on an extended shopping spree, I went to the local devil store and located an HP monitor for my budget analysis price of $150.

It's really lovely, a well designed 20 inch flat screen that takes up significantly less room on my desktop than the previous monitor. It set up easily and is compatible with the dinosaur, but as is the case with mixing new with ten year old technology the end result is not perfect. The old computer does not have available settings for the recommended 1600 x 900 display; everything is stretched oddly across the screen. I can live with it and will be able to back up the desktop on CD. In fact, I planned on keeping the desktop anyway.

Now it's time to begin researching a new Internet service provider.

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