Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three Year Anniversary

I missed it again, yesterday was my blog anniversary. I started this venture on April 17, 2006 without any goal or purpose. I simply wanted to play with new technology. After attending an ALA session on writing, I used the format as a way to write every day with hope that it would make me more comfortable when the time came to try and make the challenge of publishing articles in my field a reality. It helped! I have had several articles published in peer reviewed journals and even two chapters in a book.

More blogging? I started a collaborative library blog with friends and we work together on discussing library related topics at our leisure. I have two work blogs for my resource center and also started a library news blog to go with the new library web site. Continued opportunity to teach technology as an adjunct incorporates blogs into one course as an announcement board and another class where students are writing their own reflection blogs. All in all, blogging and reading blogs has become a very commonplace part of my daily professional development and pleasure reading.

The most commented upon post? Without a doubt the post that garners the most comments has been Who's Who? Who am I, What? - discussing my naiveté, trials, and tribulations with the publisher.

With a new computer and better internet connection pending, as well as the end of an academic school year that included a new library web site during the fall and back to back presentations along side teaching two classes , I hope to get back to discussing children's books in the near future. There are CARTS of books in technical services just waiting.

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