Wednesday, September 02, 2009

So, I'm curious

My personal library contains hardcover and paperback titles I read, read, and read again. There are very few books in the collection with only a single read to their credit. Case in point, after galloping through the most recent Jayne Castle book, Obsidian Prey, I proceeded to read and enjoy it a second and third time. A rough estimate of the pile of new books on my nightstand is upwards of five; yet, I am currently reading and enjoying my collection of J.D. Robb titles.

Today's title is Witness in Death, by my count the tenth book in the series. Not quite half through the book, Lt. Eve Dallas has made her first trip to the chief medical examiner's office meeting with Dr. Morse (p. 130) regarding a suspicious death. I will digress for a minute; the latest book in this series is Promises in Death. Though I happily admit the book I am reading is usually my favorite, Promises is one of the best entries in the series. It features one of my favorite secondary characters, chief medical examiner Dr. Morris and the murder of his lover.

It has been some time since I perused the paperbacks in the series, so as I was reading Witness, I initially thought the introduction of Dr. Morse was a typo. Continuing through the chapter, he continues to be Dr. Morse - not Dr. Morris. Now I am curious. Are there two medical examiners in the series? If not, when did Dr. Morse become Morris? Guess I will have to move through the next few and solve the mystery.


Anonymous said...

That confused me too. I'm reading the entire series again and she calls him "Dr. Morse in 2 books and 1 novella. She continues to call the CME "Dr. Morse" in Judgment in Death and I think she does it in Silent Night, too. But in later books he's back to Dr. Morris. I wonder if she forgot his name or if she wanted to try a secret name change. I know there is a Morse in Glory in Death. The killer. Maybe it's just a mix up.

Lynn said...

Yep, C.J. Morse was the killer in the second book who kidnapped Nadine and held her hostage in the park. I didn't notice him in the other books you mentioned, but will take another look. I'm currently reading Creation in Death and Dr. Morris is prominent.