Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dithering over netbooks

I have had my wonderful HP Pavilion dv7 Entertainment laptop for ten months now, as was the case with my ten year old HP dinosaur, it has been problem free. I love my laptop. But ... I find myself a bit greedy. I have several conferences on my schedule for spring and would like to take a computer; a computer that is significantly lighter in weight and considerably less in price than my laptop.

My price point would ideally be under $400. I've looked in brick and mortar stores, online at QVC and HP, and kept a close eye on advertisements in the Sunday papers. At this point, I like the selection direct from HP. However, since I have dithered so long choosing the components to meet my personal specifications and having it arrive before the first conference, is not an option any longer. To be honest, I'm not sure is a bad thing. Enter the HP Mini 311 pictured here, it has an 11 inch screen, runs Windows XP (I'm not sold on so many of the net books with Windows 7 Starter), has a built-in web cam, and weighs under four pounds.

HP says it's ready to ship within 24 hours. I can at least wait until payday to decide.

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