Friday, May 25, 2007

Unwelcome lunch time visual

I've been working steadily on the first of my ALA poster sessions this morning; gathering screen shots, making notes, and deciding what information best represents my purpose. Needing a break from the computer, I got up to take a quick walk around the second floor, stretching my cramped legs and relieveing my tired behind. Then it happened, a stunning visual that appeared full blown in my scrambled brain.

It happens like that sometimes ... pow ... and you can't get rid of the visual.

Last evening I was weeding the front yard, pulling up unwanted greenery so my miniature fire bushes could breath (hence the aforementioned cramped legs). My pink-shorts-covered behind was facing God and everyone on the highway as they drove by my apartment. I looked like a living version of the gardening lady lawn art!

You know the one.

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