Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dumb luck? Okay

Yesterday I determined the remaining three days of this week would be sufficient to transfer my course from the old management system platform to the new one (Angel). The plan? I do love a great step-by-step plan. Prepare by saving and exporting existing course information to a zip file and at a later date simply un-zip, copy, and paste my way to completion. To finalize the plan, a cherry on top of my personal sundae, I would have sufficient time to update assignment tutorials for the course and my student workers, prepare updates and tweak the course web page, and create lovely new handouts for class visits.

It would have been great had I only zipped the most recent files.

Still liking that plan? Not so much.

This morning I was resigned to entering text for each assignment when, on a whim, I decided to see if I could ... perhaps ... log in to the old course management system. The system was to be off line beginning July 1st, the first day of our current academic fiscal year. A message on distance learning portal link claimed the old system was gone, anyone wanting to create course materials had to request set up with the new. But, the link was still live. I checked. My login still worked. I waited and waited and waited and waited for the system to load. Viola! Spring 2008's course materials were at my fingertips. I gleefully spent the day copying and pasting and updating and chortling to myself.

As of the end of today's work day, I had only two short pages to create and two items to be transferred by a qualified IT person (a-hem).

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Some day's dumb luck wins.

I'll take it.

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