Friday, August 29, 2008

Running the gauntlet

Not as harsh as the post title suggests (see The Phrase Finder), this was a long, stressful, and yet somehow exciting first week. I feel a definite sense of accomplishment. My resource center schedule now includes two graduate assistants and eight student workers, seven of them new hires that will require training. As the applications literally poured into the resource center, I was able to hire a freshman, three sophomores, a junior, and two seniors. The level of library experience displayed by the newbies varies significantly. However, I am pleased as early indications are I have a nice group of students. An added bonus? The coverage for the resource center is superior. Once I am able to accomplish a bit of basic training, I should be able to devote time to completing the library web page.

Yes, the library web page - always a task uppermost in my mind.

Technology remains an issue, but the students are adapting well to the new system and it's many vagaries and annoyances.

The library closed an hour early today in honor of the holiday weekend. Traditionally celebrated to honor the working man (and women!), this weekend has become the summer's last hurrah. Happy Labor Day!

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