Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Book greed

I just went downstairs to the circulation desk and checked out twenty (20) of the newly cataloged children's books. I tell myself it really isn't book greed. Honest. When using the books for a class visit, it is just common sense, even common courtesy, to check them out. If they are not on the new book shelf or regular stacks, it is for the circulation staff to grab OhioLINK titles and/or help patrons find them. Not to mention how cranky my student workers get when books are not where they belong.

But I digress.

Several are final additions to the Mock Caldecott session that will undoubtedly be scheduled in the next couple of weeks. I assume it will be scheduled since I have done this short activity with a children's literature class every term for the last four years. I can break the group up into three catagories; Caldecott session, book review possibility, and books I want to read (lunch books). What's on the list? Right now it consists mostly of middle readers and YA selections:

  • Firegirl, Tony Abbott
  • You Can't Read This, Val Ross
  • Becming Chloe, Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • Victory, Susan Cooper
  • Behind the Curtain, Peter Abrahams
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, William Boniface
  • Desert Crossing, Elise Broach
  • Semiprecious, D. Anne Love

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