Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Library Thing: a fabulous new toy

Here's the thing, one of the drawbacks to writing what I know is I sometimes do not have a particular focus at work. I'm the web master, education liaison, resource center manager/director, student supervisor, graduate assistant supervisor, provide collection development for juvenile and the resource center, do reference, and at any given time am the "go to" person for technology issues in the library.

Cup half full, I'm never bored.

Cup half empty, I'm running in circles.

Empty cup, I'm tossing all the hats out the window.

Full cup, I have many great things on my resume.

But I digress. My new favorite techie toy as of this morning, I must qualify because I am fickle, is Library Thing. How cool is this endeavor? You can add your own books into a collection and yak with others who read what you read. Naturally I spent an hour this morning playing with the Library Thing widget option. There were so many choices for display and the JavaScript was created for me automatically. I finally made a selection and was able to add some of my collection to this blog.

Now I'm headed off to lunch with Gil's All Fright Diner, an Alex Award title for 2006. I'm not much into zombies, vampires, and the like. But so far this title does something great, the author has made his rules and is sticking to them. Much less confusion for the reader this way. Also, it flows nicely.

Update: Check it out, the java script changes the books constantly. I know, I know, it says it is random and that is what random means ..... but still.

Update 2: The Library Thing blog just posted concerning a new widget developed that may be added to blogs. I must go play.

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