Friday, August 25, 2006

Stargate SG-1: Cancelled!

Well it's true. Damn. Ironically, after all the hoopla and airing of SG-1's 200th episode, the SciFi channel has cancelled Stargate SG-1 and renewed Stargate Atlantis for a fourth season. Oddly enough, the information is not detailed on the SciFi channel itself but was reported, and verified, on Gateworld. The newest report on Gatworld has the series now looking for another outlet for production, be it a movie or mini-series special.

I do like some of the characters on Atlantis, but many of them mirror the SG-1 characters and some are just bloody annoying (McKay - please).

Guess those folks at jump the shark have more ammunition on determining if SG-1 ever really jumped the shark.

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