Thursday, August 03, 2006

Libraries Build Communities, update

The recent edition of ALA's American Libraries magazine presents articles regarding librarians making a difference in New Orleans, focusing upon the volunteer effort and corporate donations made to the Hurricane Katrina fund.

ALA has created and ALA Conference Media Scrapbook compiling radio/print, television, messages from supporters, volunteer activity, and press conference information in one place. The scrapbook main page offers the following:

"Millions of Americans learned about the spirit of librarians and library supporters when ALA held it's Annual Conference in New Orleans in late June (2006). More than 14 million viewers saw the reports of our efforts during news broadcasts on at least 300 television stations. A search also turned up approximately 350 newspaper articles and radio broadcasts tht covered ALA member and supporter efforts to help the Gulf Coast Recover." - ALA Media Scrapbook

Of special interest is the photoset created and posted to Flickr: Volunteer Days at Annual Conference 2006. As a member of ALA I often wonder about the direction of the mighty mothership.

This is not one of those times.

I am proud to have participated in the Libraries Build Communities effort and even more so after looking at the quality and quantity of work accomplished in a few days by my fellow library supporters.

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