Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Introspection, maybe it's me

Another web committee design meeting took place this afternoon. Another hour and fifteen minutes of round-table discussion. Another session in which decisions were not made and consensus not reached. Maybe it's time to suggest taking this process in another direction; remove me from the mix.

I just finished emailing myself notes, I am going to request a meeting with the director and propose a few changes that may remove some friction and change the tide of our discussions.

  1. There remains considerable lack of progress with the site/main page. At this point, we should have enough that I can start work on the actual page, a few bare bones to be placed in the template when it arrives at the end of May.
  2. I suggest removing me from the committee mix, leaving the director and reference team intact. There seems to be a problem (reference verses web design) and this temporary switch may make things progress.
  3. This suggestion will be followed by a proposed compromise; ground rules if I may be so bold.
Allow me, as webmaster, to make a few design decisions to simplify the page. Stick with our main plan utilizing a main page, secondary page, and tertiary pages when necessary. Continue to streamline the site by having fewer steps for the users ... less (confusion) = more (usability).

Have the reference staff and director designate vocabulary and display order for the remaining categories, excepting resource center information and proposed spotlight items. Determine the order and vocabulary for items in help, reference, and quick links.

Lastly, recommend the following; while pondering vocabulary and order, stop looking at other web pages. Concentrate on our resources. Continuing to bring new ideas to the table is mucking up the process (technical term, mucking). I guarantee, once we finish there will be at least a dozen things we think could have been done better. But we need to cease and desist, it is causing us to run around in circles.

I do not want this to be seen as me holding my breath to get my way. Quite the opposite. I am desperate for progress to be made. At the current pace, I'll be old and gray (not so gray thanks to L'oreal because I'm worth it) before the site is complete.

Fingers crossed.

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