Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live! It's Dancing with the Stars

Tonight on the Dancing with the Stars results show, (can I just say ... Def Leppard?) it was Shannon and Derek's turn to go home. Not a fan of that particular couple, I must admit I am not all that sorry to see them go. As it gets closer and closer to the final three I have begun using my cell phone and land line to vote. Next week I might just have to go online and vote electronically as well.

Surfing the the DWTS web site this evening I found a widget!!!!

The Dancing With The Stars widget allows you and your friends to stay up to date with...
  • Video: Play the latest video clips
  • Stars and Professionals: Keep a running tab of who's in the competition and who's out
  • Scores: Get the latest scores live from ABC.com
  • Newswire: Check out the latest information about the show
  • Countdown Clock: Count down the seconds until the next new episode

* DTWS - Grab the widget

Right now I'm waiting for the bloody thing to successfully load on my computer. I keep getting an error code (sorry, can not connect to the page, try again later). Either my connection is wonky (gasp!) or the web page is not able to keep up with demand.

Fine, here's a link to the Dancing with the Stars: Live Blog!

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