Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby you can drive my car ...

Today was a welcome professional development day for me; the annual IG spring workshop for resource center librarians. Road trip! The morning drive to Columbus was bereft of craziness, even with orange barrels and endless instances of bridge construction. Seems many people took today as a vacation day, part of their memorial day weekend. Unfortunately everyone who was at work left early and the mad rush home was a driving challenge.

On the plus side, I cut half an hour from my trip time and I was able to amuse myself observing the other drivers and my surroundings. I saw:
  • a pink Mary Kay Cadillac (really, it said Mary Kay on the car)
  • an abandoned motorcycle and helmet
  • incessant brake lights from the Michigan driver of the black Dodge caravan in front of me who didn't get the concept of simply taking his foot off of the brake to slow down
  • only three state police cars
  • a tow truck hauling a fire truck
  • a low flying red airplane
  • license plates from Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, South Carolina, New York, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Maine, Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon

All in all an enjoyable day.

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