Monday, May 19, 2008

Will I have to get Versus?

For the first time in years, I believe it is 16 or 17 (will have to look that tidbit of information up for verification), the Pittsburgh Penguins are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals! Yes, I do remember seeing the first Stanley Cup win against the then Minnesota North Stars. Interestingly enough, that team franchise is now the Dallas Stars, one of the two teams left competing for the finals. What fun to have a full circle and play Dallas.

Once the Indians finished playing baseball yesterday afternoon, I was able to view the end of the second period and all of the third yesterday afternoon on NBC. Even having to listen to the bozo announcers (could Mike Milbury be more annoying? think maybe he coached at Boston and NY when the Pens were dominant with Lemeuix and company? maybe someday the word "embellished" will be removed from his vocabulary.... but, I digress) was enjoyable to watch.

First, the calls on YouTube:

Pens and Geno Crush Flyers! Reach Cup Final! May 18, 2008

PHI vs PIT (Game 5, 5-18-08) (Malkin Scores)
... It's Mike Lange

And, just because I can, a third clip ...

Top Ten Mike Lange Signature Calls

Last, but not least, here are a few links to articles about yesterday's games:

And I promise, even with tonight being the Dancing with the Stars two-part season finale, I do have two juvenile book posts in the wings.

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