Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of the spring 08 semester

Today is the last day of finals. Fewer and fewer students are in the library as the last final is, I believe, scheduled no later than 4 pm this afternoon. Students are required to be out of the dorms by 10:00 am tomorrow. Graduating seniors have until 5:00 pm on Saturday (after graduation). Parking is at a premium today as a wide variety of student and parent cars line nearby driveways and parking lots adjacent to dorms as they drag everything home for three months.

I had a lot of task-oriented things to complete this morning; resource center signs for summer hours, updating web pages with summer hours, updating chat/im services with summer hours, and another budget check is on my list. My student workers finished last evening at 11:00 pm (regular closing time) and I have a GA scheduled to work until 4:00 pm this afternoon. I plan on letting her leave after I finish lunch as there is really no need for her to remain if I cover the resource center for a couple of hours.

My agenda this afternoon is comprised of finding a hotel and flight for ALA. I have been dragging my feet somewhat on this project since due to family matters I was not sure of attending. Money came through from the university, enough to pay for part of the cross country trek, and I should be able to swing the rest of the costs. Contrary to AL Direct this morning, most of the ALA conference hotels are toast. I am concentrating on hotels near the conference center and close to an ALA hotel so I may catch a shuttle when necessary. I have choices narrowed to three different hotels and just need to make a final decision. After several years of flying out of Columbus, this particular trip is less expensive if I fly from Cleveland. Go figure.

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