Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Flip Flop Test

It's karma, another Blogthings test I could not, in fact did not even try, to resist. There were several extended conversations yesterday in the resource center and library about flip flops (I learned a good place for inexpensive and cute ones is Old Navy). What can I say, I work with a lot of women.

What Your Flip Flops Say
About You

You live to have fun, and your sense of humor is downright goofy.

You are a big kid on the inside, and you have a very open heart.

You try to make every day feel like a vacation, even if you have other responsibilities.

Each day, you make a little bit of time to play and let loose.

Your ideal warm weather place: Disney World

Interesting that my ideal warm weather place is Disney World. Yesterday I recieved word my professiional development grant was accepted and I recieved funding for the ALA conference in Anaheim. It is not a lot, but definitely will offset some of the travel and hotel costs. I finally took a good look at the hotel situation and noticed the convention center is near Disneyland.

Better get me a pair of green flip flops to take along!

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