Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feast or famine, aka whining

I routinely have my television on, but really can not tell you what I am watching. Three of the programs I do follow with regularity, Eureka, Project Runway, and Dancing with the Stars, are time-slot annoyances for me this week.

Hence the whining ...

This evening is the mid-season finale of Eureka and the second night of the Dancing premiere. Sure, I can flip back and forth between the two shows or even simply tape (yes, tape and I have a love/hate relationship with my VCR) one of the two. But why is it that the shows I like are always on at the same time?

Tomorrow I work the last of my two reference evening shifts and I will get home in time to see the second half of both Project Runway and the Dancing results show (which has to be on at 9 instead of 8). Not as big of an issue because I usually boycott the annoying results show until the final fifteen minutes, but still. I will be watching for the red light to go out over one of the couples and anticipating Heidi saying "Auf wiedersehen" to one of the designers at the same time.

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