Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mom always liked me better

Like many siblings, my sister's and I often tortured each other with the time honored phrase, "that's okay, mom likes me better." Doing undergraduate work, education professors routinely cautioned us not to play favorites with students in our classrooms. Working as an education librarian, I joke with "my" professors assuring each in turn that they are indeed my favorite (call me fickle). All kidding aside, today I was reminded why one professor in particular is an all-time favorite.

I know I have posted/blogged about this professor previously, but it deserves repeating. He is vocally supportive of everything I do for the library and resource center, and has been since day one. He routinely brings his junior block students to the resource center for a tour at the beginning of each semester and boasts how the juvenile collection has improved during my tenure. We have a friendly competition concerning the Caldecott selection each year; several years running he had the book and we did not (gasp!). And yes, he brags about it to his students. Every time he requests a collection purchase, I get a thank you email after I notify him the selection has arrived.

Personally and professionally, this professor has graciously agreed to be on my reference list for the last five years. I know the high quality glowing recommendation he presents to potential employers on my behalf, hiring teams have shared his comments during interviews.

Today I got a thank-you note via campus mail from this professor. I was not surprised at the concept of the note itself, he routinely sets a professional example having each of his students sign the note. It would be easy to take the thank-you for granted, but each time I open it there's a small thrill of satisfaction. Here's a glimpse of why he's a favorite:
"You continue to help us understand the abundance of available resources, if we but use them! Thanks!"

The note made me smile (I'm smiling even now as I discuss the note here). So while I may find it challenging not to play the favorites game, I guarantee this professor was at the top of my list today.

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