Monday, February 04, 2008

Progress: Meebo and me

Early morning discussions with the boss and my IM/chat partner in crime resulted in continued progress and practice using Meebo and the Meebo Me widget and a way to move forward with the library web page redesign as we await delivery of the template. A slight web epiphany, realization that we could move forward with organization and vocabulary for sections within the editable region of the template, led me to ask if it would be appropriate for me to send email designed to promote discussion regarding main page headers and secondary sections contained within the main headers. A verbal "okay" from the boss, a promise to send the email for vetting before it goes to the team from me, and presto; a way to move forward. I asked each librarian to look at current web site headers (there are five of them) and various web sites we targeted as appealing in terms of layout/organization and use of vocabulary. Combined with the current library site map listing (updated as of 10 am this morning), use these tools to compile a list of potential main page information headers and secondary resources. We do not meet again until a week from Wednesday. This provides over ten days of rumination time. I might be able to start creating pages now and apply the template when it arrives.

Naturally I updated the webliography pages charting a history of the redesign progress; this included additional testing of the Meebo Me widget and screen shots to show the rest of the web committee how Meebo interface appears from the both the librarian and patron perspective. This meant screen shots with live users. Before starting I checked with the other chat librarian to be sure she did not want to save the visuals for our demonstration during next week's librarian meeting. We were both relatively sure chances of anyone other than us (and maybe the director) looking at the project were slim (no sarcasm intended, just a statement) and moved forward. I am going to ask her to look over the text and let me know what might need to be added.

It is exciting to get everything in place. I would still like to add one more IM service to our Meebo account, but today AIM was giving me fits. Looking this evening it appears they have done a site re-design as well and, fingers crossed, I may be able to accomplish the last objective after all.

Tomorrow after the Mock Caldecott session, I hope to work a bit on the graphics for our web site help button.

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