Sunday, February 10, 2008

Working Sunday, breaking the bank

Today is the second day of my first weekend to work this lovely spring term. As I scrutinize the large pile of catalogs I brought to the reference area in preparation of making a hefty dent in my budgets (yes budgets, plural), the wind is literally howling in the elevator shafts accompanied by the gentle, slightly hypnotic, sway of the pendulum sculpture outside of the library. Under a severe wind and wind chill advisory with winds gusting to 36 mph, a balmy temperature reading of 8 with wind chill factoring in at -13, we have determined if those blasted winged monkeys fly in the doors - we're out of here. That said, business has been oddly constant during the last three hours.

A natural focus of my money spending efforts is juvenile fiction and literature; the review resource today is the February 2008 edition of School Library Journal. Of specific interest are the regular juvenile reviews, grade 5 and up and preschool to grade 4, an interesting article on widgets - Widgets to the Rescue - I printed and passed along to the librarian web site committee, and a listing of the 2008 Outstanding International Books awarded by USBBY. We had half of the books presented within the article and I emailed four of the children's literature professors asking if they would like me to purchase remaining titles for our collection. A quick response from my favorite professor indicated this was a good idea and half an hour later I ordered twenty juvenile and ya titles for the library. Between my juvenile orders yesterday and today (only 45) and another librarians selections for a juvenile fiction library endowment (99 titles!), we have a nice group of titles on the way.

I am now ready to start through the remainder of today's catalog options with hope I will find reference titles, software titles, materials kits, ellison dies, and even promotional pens (if students are taking pens from the resource center, it is not a bad idea to have them market the center for me). Here's what I am starting with:

I keep saying we don't have room for more Ellision dies, but I always find a way to order additional pieces for the collection. I also have Ishmael with me and hope to finish the review to post at dinner.

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Darren said...

Promos On-Time is a great place for pens.