Saturday, February 02, 2008

Quiet! I'm reading

Jayne Ann Krentz's newest novel, Sizzle and Burn, hit stores on Tuesday, January 29th. With a spring in my step and umbrella in hand, I rushed out to buy it and found only displays of Grisham and King. How could that be? On the off chance that some hapless shelf stocker had not yet pulled them from the back, I tried again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after work to no avail. Today I went to Target and gleefully picked up my copy of Sizzle and Burn from the shelf (and yes, I paid for it).

Be it fate, dumb luck, or serendipity, I noticed Target's new book display banner featuring books to be released in the upcoming weeks. There it was, prominently displayed with two other titles that escape me now, a new J.D. Robb, title Strangers in Death. I don't know how the publication of the newest "In Death" entry escaped my notice, there is an excerpt on Nora's site, but had I not gone into Target today I may have missed it!

Sorry, no cover images to endorse the titles ... blame it on Blogger.

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