Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Milestone

This is blog post number 250, another milestone number (in my opinion at least). Had I posted on Saturday, I would have hit 250 on my birthday ... a numbered milestone I am not willing to share. I decided to share a few of the statistics I am so obsessed with viewing.

Statscounter: February has been the busiest month to date with 648 hits/page loads. Oddly enough, that number equals over 1/3 of the totals for the six months I have been using the counter. I continue to be intrigued by people actually reading this blog and being able to tell what posts people are most frequently hit and what search strings are bringing readers to the blog; to date the Cambridge who's who post(s), the Newbery posts, and several different children’s book reviews have the highest interest.

Technorati: I've really moved up in the world with Technorati links! From zero to the current statistic of 8 (yes, you read correctly) links from six different blogs. I have learned this number is obviously not infallible since several of the links back I have on the sidebar do not show up in Technorati, but did appear in Statscounter.

ZoomCloud: I still have the word cloud located in the sidebar, but am not as happy with the product as I was when first placing it in the blog. First, people clicking on particular words does not register with great accuracy. I had to remove the first incarnation of my word cloud from the side bar and it continued to garner hits a month after it ceased to exist. This brings me to the second point of dissatisfaction. I tried to delete the first ZoomCloud to no avail, it will not go away regardless of what type of connection the computer has (dial up, network, or cable). I find that aspect of the service very annoying. To be fair, it is a free service and I guess you get what you pay for.

LibraryThing: I am not getting any specific statistics from LibraryThing but I still love the site. I did a bit of tweaking with the sidebar widgets (big shock there) from LibraryThing this afternoon so I could add a recreational reading widget beyond the my library book mash. Now it is going to represent the most recently read recreational titles.

As noted in the last post, I did receive and read the newest J.D. Robb book on Friday. I will be posting about it tomorrow.

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