Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Who's who, redo

The eternal statistics addict in me has noticed a trend over the last several days regarding 'hypothetical' blog traffic. There has been an increase in hits over the last four days, most of which can be traced to a single post in December: Who's Who? Who am I, What? The topic? None other than Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Education.

Guess a new round of nomination letters were sent out in January and people are doing Internet research on the topic. Some of the search terms used were: "who's who among executive and professional women," "scam cambridge who's who," "cambridge who's who," and "cambridge scam." It would be interesting to hear what decision other's have made regarding their acceptance into this directory.


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Damien5280 said...

I too received the letter then the call this morning from Cambridge Who's Who with the membership offer, the plane tickets, and mine included 3 complimentary gift certificates to major jewelers in New York. After I explained that I wasn't in the position to financially commit myself and would have to think about it, I too received the line about having to process tens of thousands of memberships. After finally finishing the call, before my coffee I might add, I googled them and right near the top was a page about the latest scams going on. Reading the experience was a déjà vu experience. I'm glad they didn't call last summer when I had the money to throw away on stupid things because I almost assuredly would have been snagged.

~D.J. Damien LaGoy

P.S. I forgot to add that mine wasn't for poetry, but for my accomplishments in leather craft.