Friday, February 16, 2007

New Orleans, Jefferson Parish Library Update

This morning I, and every other library who worked for a day in a New Orleans Public library last summer at ALA, received an email update/progress report from NOPL. It read in part:

"We are writing from the New Orleans Public Library to the ALA members who generously volunteered during the summer ALA convention to help New Orleans recover from the aftermath of Katrina. Whether you helped NOPL, schools, churches, or housing organizations, we hope you will be interested in our progress rebuilding our ruined public libraries."

"Late in 2006 we mailed a progress newsletter to 3000 donors and friends across the country, and we would like you to see it too. (After all, many of you literally “had a hand” in our accomplishments.)" (Email, NOPL, 2/15/07)

The newsletter in question, Rebuild New Orleans Public Library, is available online. An entire section is devoted to the work ALA volunteers contributed. Honestly? What I did was small in comparison to the day to day struggles the residents are still striving to overcome. It is encouraging to see the amazing things accomplished by everyone involved. Thanks for the update NOPL!

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