Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Off to see the wizard

Technically, I have just returned from seeing the wizard; turning in my poster(s) to the print shop on campus for processing. Two hours this morning combined with three hours last night in front of the television (Deal, or No Deal because Dancing with the Stars is over and season two of Eureka has yet to begin), provided me ample time for creating and setting necessary graphics in place for my second poster, conference collaboration.

I struggled somewhat with developing the second poster. After reviewing my abstract I briefly wondered how I would fill the space with enough information to make it plausible and enough graphics to make it visually appealing to attendees. A quick look at the conference web page, still archived on the university server (indefinitely, I hope), provided the answer in the conference photo gallery. The middle of my poster has images from the conference; the left side depicts the web page (my lovely creation) and technology information; the right side details attendee evaluation; and the last section reveals "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of the entire conference project. Since I am often fickle concerning my creations, my current favorite poster is the most recent one.

Creating these posters in Publisher has given me an opportunity to learn more about what this software is capable of doing. I especially liked the horizontal and vertical floating document guides that allowed me to align various textual and graphical elements regardless of where they appeared on the page. I now have a week or so to convert the poster presentations into something viable to burn on CD and use as handouts.

An aside: I just had a student tell me I was "brilliant!" I don't even mind that she may be a bit misguided. I will simply bask in the knowledge that for a short time this afternoon someone thought I was brilliant.

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