Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reading on the plane

What a lovely day one of vacation this has been, the sun shining, there is a lovely breeze, and the pretty blue sky has puffy white clouds. Naturally instead of basking in it’s glory I used my time running errands and, yes, shopping, for my upcoming trip. I needed several very important things, batteries for my digital camera (I’m one of those people, run if you see me camera in hand) and MP3 player, a book to read on the plane, and naturally a new top or two to wear.

In Target I found not one, but two books for my reading pleasure; one I was expecting and one that was a nice surprise. I was expecting, actually went in to the store specifically to buy, the new Stephanie Plum novel Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich:

“In the thirteenth book in the series, the stakes are raised even higher as Stephanie Plum finds herself in her most dangerous, hilarious and hottest chase yet. With her loveably offbeat family along for the ride (as well as a few new faces), there’s no doubt that the Stephanie Plum novels put the fun in dysfunctional, and its clear to see why they’re called Hot Stuff by the New York Times and why Evanovich herself is called the master.” (Book description, Amazon).

I was pleasantly surprised to see the next installment of the St. Kilda series, Innocent as Sin, by Elizabeth Lowell (see Running with Quills):

“Kayla Shaw is a private banker in Arizona—smart and capable but underpaid and under appreciated. Rand McCree is a haunted man who paints landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, burning with a need for answers about the terrible event that shattered his world. They are two strangers with nothing in common . . . until their lives entwine—and explode.” (Book description, Amazon)

Now I have a new book for the plane to D.C. and another one for the return trip as well. Talk about a win-win book-buying situation. The hard part will be not reading one of them this evening …

Tomorrow is another errand day, but tonight I have one more important preparatory task, updating the music on my MP3 player for the flight. After all, I have new tunes to add including Big Dog Daddy by Toby Keith, Some People Change by Montgomery Gentry, Enjoy the Ride by Sugarland, and Let it Go by Tim McGraw.

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