Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Posters or handouts?

It's a bit of a conundrum, which is more important, the poster or the accompanying handouts? As a viewer of poster sessions I spend time looking at the completed project and then quickly grab handouts I can refer to at my leisure. Chances of remembering points from every session that interests me are slim ... and none, so I rely on good handouts. Previously posted poster glee aside, I am now working on crafting cd's (easier to cart on the plane than paper handouts) for people who visit my poster session(s).

I finished the blog poster CD today; it's a single web page that includes all of the text and scaled down images from the poster as well as a webliography of links to the counters, widgets, and blog sites discussed. Naturally I had to create a web page header, design a CD label, and burn the CD's. Beyond that I checked each CD's usability (found one dud), muttered at a computer with an excessively slow CD/DVD drive, and centered labels on each CD. Luckily the muttering commenced this morning when traffic was slight in the resource center and I had students commiserating with my plight. Actually, the students in question asked me to burn them a CD so they could see the project at a later date. But, I digress.

The collaborative conference poster session CD is fifty percent completed and I will probably need to purchase additional CD-R's and labels to finish the project. Deciding how many CD's to burn and bring is another issue fraught with guesswork; I would rather run out of CD's than have too many. My main concern with the second poster session is the archived web page from the conference. When discussing the web page option we asked how long the page would remain on the university's server after the conference was over. The answer was indefinitely, but who's definition of "indefinite" will be adhered to is the question. I can say with authority that as of today the site remains and I am reasonably sure it will be live at least through the summer session.

Tomorrow I will finish the project and only have to burn a few CD's Really. Tuesday grades are due. I have a vacation day Wednesday to pack and prepare (I think) and I fly out Thursday. Where has the month of June gone?

Update - next morning: I forgot to mention my fruitless journey to locate CD labels . First the university book store, then a local drug/convenience store and finally the hated WalMart in town. Zip. Nada. Tell me why a huge super WalMart (gag) would have every type of CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R and not have CD Labels? Today I'll go to the only office supply store in town and hope for the best. Otherwise I won't be finished until Monday.

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