Monday, June 11, 2007

Read Roger ... again

Read Roger, the Horn Book editors blog, is always a great informational tool, as well as an intriguing children's literature resource. Case in point, today Roger pointed readers to the Horn Book's Summer Reading recommendations:

"Every few summers, and this promises to be one, the whole world goes wild about Harry. But no wizard has a lock on enchantment. Our editors have hand-picked some favorite new titles, all published within the last year, that are ideal for the season. There is plenty of magic here, too." (Summer Reading, Horn Book, 6/11/07)

I scanned through the list and noted a few titles I have already read (and blogged about), one I am in the process of reading, and several I would like to read. Also posted recently was an announcement about the 2007 Boston Globe Horn Book Awards. I was slightly smug to learn we had all winning titles and all but one of the honor books already in our collection. The book I missed was 365 Penguins and we'll order it when funds are released for the next fiscal year.

As to that summer reading list, here are the books I have read and/or blogged about:

Currently Reading:

  • The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing - This is not an average young adult novel. Written in what could be loosely termed a journal format, Octavian Nothing is a disturbing account of historical fiction written in the dialogue of the times, 18th century America. In it Octavian discusses slavery, his own, and the academic experiment that was the bedrock and downfall of his childhood. Readers are provided insights to the barbaric whims of slavery and slave owners during the Revolutionary War era, as opposed to the more widely known Civil War notations. I have not yet finished this book, but it is disurbing on many levels as the first person narrative intersperced throughout the novel is at times both matter-of-fact and cynical.

Would like to read:

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