Sunday, June 01, 2008

Electronic influx

After checking work email - did I mention there were 267 messages? - I decided peruse my other electronic information outlets. I had actual messages, not just the regular garden variety spam concerning monetary winnings for an international lottery and a plethora of pharmaceuticals, in each of my email accounts (yahoo, google, and ISP). Even more interesting, some of them I actually read.

My bloglines account has 670 updated feeds ranging from one (Argh Ink, ACRL Insider, and Annoyed Librarian) to one hundred and twenty-four (Lifehacker). After separating these into categories, work and fun, I'll blithely determine what to read secure in the knowledge that there will be more posts tomorrow.

I'm almost afraid to look at my actual accumulated mail and bills tomorrow afternoon, assuming the post office remembers to deliver it to me as directed.

.... You know what they say about assuming.

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