Monday, June 09, 2008

I should pay attention

I worked on the resource center book blog today adding information about the new book shelf, new university email, and posting new book notifications. About a third of the way through the pile of juvenile book notification slips I began to add the images; my errant mouse clicked the link that says "add another image" - and another box appeared. Instead of laboriously adding pictures one at a time, I was able to add as many as I wanted - or as many as my computer would take before coughing them up.

I know this is not a new feature, in fact as you wait for the image pop-up box to appear often it shows more than one line. Once it loads, only one is visible until you hit the link again. So, while I feel technologically chagrined, it is happily juxtaposed with the fact I can add many pictures at once.

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