Monday, September 18, 2006

Clouds? More like dense fog

A quick ZoomCloud update: I decided to delete the cloud at work today, using the campus network instead of dial up (yes, I'm still using dinosaur dial-up & a modem). I've been creating posters in publisher and minimized the page, letting it run. From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm today the same "we are removing all tags, wait a sec" screen displayed; four hours is more than what I would consider a "sec. The non-existant cloud continues to count clicks on the blog, in fact the missing cloud has better stats than the existing cloud. Go figure.

I just now changed from IE to Mozilla and am trying to delete again. I'll let it run until quitting time and maybe have to admit defeat. I have contacted ZoomCloud via email before with questions to no avail.

Creating the cloud is easy. Placing the cloud widget code into the blog sidebar is simple. Having a working cloud is fun. Deleting an old cloud or getting answers regarding a missing cloud is more trouble than they are worth.

Update: Later that same evening ... before the football game (Go Steelers)

After two hours, the message had not changed. It looks like the cloud will remain despite my best efforts to have it removed. Just fabulous.

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