Thursday, September 21, 2006

Technology & Libraries, plus PrintShop

Thursday morning is prime time to accomplish anything that will take time, make a mess, or involve technology. This morning was no different, I was able to get rid of a dead scanner, give it a proper burial (all the while scheming to keep it's cords), move in another scanner to take it's place, and test out the restore shortcut on the computers. Generally speaking, nothing that would take me more than an hour to finish. Really.

Unfortunately, I did not take the Thursday morning technology weirdness factor into consideration. As I was testing the new restore capability I notice someone had absconded with a mouse; it happens though not very frequently. An hour later I had finished all sixteen computers, restricted network login's mean I work on five at a time, and went back to the two Dell's. The mouse was back .... but the network cable was gone. Just fabulous. I have just about every type of cord a computer would need, but no network cable. Luckily, my boss saved the day giving me cable from his office cache.

PrintShop 20 is loaded on a dozen computers, a purchase courtesy of the technology grant noted yesterday. Additional disks are locked in the resource center and students request them as needed. After lunch a student needed the CD's for a project, only problem was the computer no longer had PrintShop. Yet another innocent byproduct of the computer reimaging project; all of the network programs, even adobe professional remained, and PhotoShop was MIA. Luckily, the technician who originally installed the software left me the install CD's (he shouldn't have - I'm grateful) and we were able to install PrintShop on the computers. Naturally as soon as we restore the computers again it will vanish.

All's well that ends well. At least until I get back to work on Monday, utilize the online help ticket option, and ruin someone's day.

Tomorrow? A day away from the library and a meeting in Columbus. Still library related, but different people, different libraries, different technology issues, and lunch with a healthy sprinkling of gossip.

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