Monday, September 04, 2006

Remedial work needed

I have had my eyes opened regarding the verbal ability portion of the GRE practice tests available on Learning Express Library. This morning I logged in to take one of the two practice tests. I was dismayed, and maybe a bit relieved, when the authentication would not work. I persevered, trouble-shooting if you will, by attempting to authenticate utilizing different databases and directly through the library. It appeared there were problems on my library's end of the authentication process. I gleefully headed out to hit the Labor Day sales.

An hour ago, I turned on the computer to check email and read blogs. On a whim, I tried the site again and was able to authenticate. I read through the directions and selected practice test one for verbal ability. Of the offerings available, this would be my strength. Working through the 75 questions within the appointed time frame, I dutifully pondered, answered, and struggled with the test. I found it ironic one of the comprehension sections detailed a study concerning beta-blockers and test anxiety. I won't share my practice test score, but I will say the test was unfailingly polite, providing the score and mentioning I needed further practice on my verbal ability.

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