Thursday, September 14, 2006

Organization, it's a sickness

Hello, my name is Lynn and I'm a dymo label maker addict.

On Thursday mornings I have the first four hours of the work day to myself. No student workers, no graduate assistants, and generally no library patrons either. It's a prime time to move things around and reorganize areas that need, well, reorganizing.

Today? A new set of Ellison dies are on order; two alphabets, one upper case and one lower case, and a few kid friendly dies should arrive any day now along with my brand new Ellison Machine. A new order means finding additional counter space for the machine and dies. Luckily, I ordered an extra die organizer last year so I have room for sixty additional pieces. The new machine, a wonderful thing, requires space.

Making a long post shorter, I moved things around, created lovely additional space for the new machine and existing paper cutters, and as a result was able to pull out my trusty label maker and re-label counters, drawers, and the binding machine. Woo-hoo. Naturally when finished I looked around hoping to find other things to label. It's a sickness, but I love using the machine. It raises the chances that things will be returned to their proper home AND makes it easy to find things when we need them. I think the video shelves are next. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

I probably shouldn't take the machine home. It would be bad.

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