Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday evening shift, one down

It's nearing the end of my first Tuesday evening reference shift. Once we got past several wacky circulation issues, duplicate entries, invalid ID's, non-existent borrowers, and bizarre government documents, all that was left to deal with were rambunctious football players (they were studying .... really) and a water fountain that would not quit running. With slightly over a half an hour left, and my personal snarkiness not withstanding, it has been determined we will indeed survive.

As my father is often tells me, today my attitude sucks. Therefore, I'm once again choosing children's poetry as my post. Tonight's entry is another favorite, Jack Prelutsky:

Awful Ogre Goes to Bed

My awful day is ending,
I've ranted, roared, and raved.
At best, I've been unpleasant,
And greatly misbehaved.
But now I'm growing weary,
It's time to rest my head
Upon the stony pillow
A top my rocky bed.

Good night to silent vipers
That slither in the mud
Good night to tiny parasites
Whoose touch can curdle blood.
Good night to furtive spiders
That lurk in murky wells.
Good night to loathsome vermin
With nauseating smells.

Good night to lowly rodents
That gnaw on rotting waste.
Good night to nasty maggots
Good night to savage raptors
And beasts that claw and bite.
Good night to Awful Ogre -
Good night, good night, good night

Awful Ogre's Awful Day, p.36
by Jack Prelutsky

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