Friday, July 06, 2007

The Chicago Way

The Chicago Way is a debut mystery by Michael Harvey, co-creator and executive producer of the A & E show Cold Case Files.

Michael Kelly, a private investigator and disgraced Chicago police detective, is hired by his former partner, John Gibbons, to solve a nine year old rape case. After officially closing the case, Gibbons was ordered by his superiors to forget it happened; subsequently the case was buried, he was given commendation, and the evidence “filed.” When Gibbons is found dead the next day, Kelly goes from PI, to suspect, and determined to find the truth makes a deal with an ambitious television reporter to share information. As the case spirals out of control, Kelly is soon in the midst of a convicted murderer’s plot to escape death row, police conspiracy, and political cover-up where every player has his, or her, own agenda. Crisp, clean dialogue moves this novel quickly through personal triumph and tragedy, as well as a gripping and well plotted murder mystery.

One of the first books I picked up at the conference, I started The Chicago Way while still in DC and carted it around in my bag to read during lunch and session breaks. I have to admit having a typical girl reaction to some of the main characters decisions, issues with the consistent use of violent death as a plot device, and remember reading in another novel about a serial killer using the same means to escape the death penalty (it may have been a Linda Fairstein or Lisa Scottoline novel). However, with that said all of the elements worked well together making this a quick, and compelling read.

A professional review from Publisher Weekly is available on Amazon.

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