Monday, July 16, 2007

High Noon

High Noon, by Nora Roberts introduces Phoebe McNamara, a lieutenant with Savannah PD, specializing in hostage negotiations and Duncan Swift, an entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire with business interests throughout the city. They meet during a hostage situation at one of Duncan’s building’s; Phoebe is talking down a potential jumper, a recently fired employee and inevitable attraction sparks. Phoebe is the glue holding her family, a precocious seven-year-old daughter and agoraphobic mother, together after a traumatic incident during her youth. Duncan is charming, patient, and determined to win Phoebe’s affections. When Phoebe is attacked by a co-worker, Duncan’s understanding and support lays a firm foundation for their relationship, forming an unwavering bond the two will need when a shadow from Phoebe’s past begins taunting her. Attacks begin slowly with dead animals and subversive messages, but soon escalate to murder and the ultimate hostage situation. An intriguing mystery, well-developed characters, and a charismatic (and hot) romance make High Noon one of Roberts’ best books to date.

With some books it takes time to become involved, while with others it takes only a paragraph or two to before being firmly entrenched and invested in the characters. High Noon falls into the latter category providing a richly woven tale of two protagonists, Phoebe and Duncan, and a supporting cast that while interesting and fully developed, never overshadows the main characters. Several reviews commented on the similarities between High Noon and the J.D. Robb In Death Series. I agree there is a surface likeness, Phoebe and Eve are both police lieutenants and Duncan and Roarke are charming and rich, but this book definitely stands on it’s own merits. An unabashed fan of Roberts work, I would read the proverbial cereal box if she wrote it, High Noon brings to mind one of my all-time favorites, Hidden Riches (Jed and Dora are classics). Even with my books to read pile overflowing, I am ready to indulge with this book a second time.

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