Tuesday, July 24, 2007

From Paper Cuts

The New York Times blog Paper Cuts: A Blog About Books, had a post this afternoon called The Harry Index. It contains a live RSS feed from Amazon listing the top 100 books, best sellers, today. As of 3:00 pm, eleven of the top twenty-five best sellers were Harry Potter related (that's 44%, I checked).

If you limit that list to children's books, after all Harry Potter is children's literature, the number changes to twenty-one of the top twenty-five best sellers being Harry related (yes, 84%). As the NYT blog poster mentioned, those numbers are bound to shift significantly as the week progresses and, generally speaking, everyone who wanted a Potter book has one. However, as the hoopla surrounding book seven continues in libraries and book stores, new readers may discover Harry and start back at the beginning. In our library each time a new Harry Potter movie or book is released the circulation of the entire series increases significantly (we have movies, books, and audio tapes to offer).

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