Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Playing tourist in D.C.

True tourist confessions. I am that person; the one carrying her camera who is irritating family and friends on vacation continuously saying, "Go stand in front of that sign so I can take your picture." Ironically, I am the same person everyone is glad to see when vacation is over because I have photos of the excursion. While I do not run amok with the camera dangling from my neck, even I have standards, the camera is rarely far from my purse or hand. So last Friday when I arrived in D.C. at the lovely Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill too early for check in, I was content to stash my luggage and take a walk to the Capitol building (a short three block walk) and snap a few photos.

The web album does not include photos of the hotel, but it was lovely and the service excellent. Unable to physically check in to my room (it was only noon), the customer service person at the desk registered me and politely inquired if I knew said reservation was for a parlor room. I assured her I did know, but did not mention I had done so because it was what I could afford when making my travel plans via Expedia. She then graciously offered to upgrade me to a deluxe room, at no extra cost! My mother didn't raise any fools, so I politely thanked her for the accommodation upgrade, stored my luggage, and headed out on the town (quickly before she changed her mind). Unfortunately, I did not have time to tour the Capitol Building, but it was worth the walk.

Also included in the web album are photos of Union Station. Naturally I was intrigued by the idea of visiting the shops and made sure to visit Monday evening after finishing my conference obligations. I did not purchase any souvenirs, but managed to have a nice dinner at the station. Though not a glamorous choice, the service and food was great at Uno Chicago Grill. Plus, I was able to watch people (a great past time), and start one of my ARC's, The Chicago Way, while dining.

For the first time in a long time I have a plethora of informational topics for the blog. Not only conference items, but book reviews and session commentaries are on my list.

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