Thursday, November 29, 2007

Accepted with editing

Blogger is cooperating this evening so I have time for one more quick post. I received notice this afternoon that my second article has also been accepted for publication; accepted pending revisions. I am really excited about the prospect, especially because the journal is peer reviewed and international. I now have ten days to make the required revisions and re-submit to the journal editor. The assistant editor will follow-up with the required forms before publication actually happens.

I did not have the nerve to say I had saved the paperwork from the previously accepted article last month and could easily edit them to work. I am not quite sure they remember I was invited to submit two articles. I will be working on revisions during the busiest week of the semester - and in between making fudge all weekend.

I'm having an article published in an international professional library journal.

It soooooooo works for me.

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