Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hypothetically, not a genius

My bloglines account ultimately led me to this fun little blog toy, The Blog Readability Test. Yes, by simply submitting my blog URL it is possible to find out "what level of education is required to understand your blog." Obviously made for curious souls such as my self (re: those willing to play with the goofy blog toy); hey, I check out my Pirate name courtesy of Blogthings on Talk like a pirate day, I was game for the test. Not including this particularly intellectually stellar post, my blog readability appears to be:

I am not sure how long this lovely readability image will remain, there was a cheesy advertisement link attached to the end of the image URL and I removed it before posting. I checked another blog I write, the collaborative library project, and learned it has a genius rating. Obviously the other contributors are taking up the slack for my college level writing skills (at least it was post grad). Thank heavens for smart peers and collaborative partners.

Anyway, thanks to Walt at Randomfor his post about Readability.

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