Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random hypothetical musings

I was able to watch the Steelers football game this afternoon with a choice of channels since two local CBS stations were carrying the game. As is my habit, I napped through the third quarter and awoke to see the second kick-off returned for a field goal.

Nice job on special teams today coach ... but I digress (sigh).

While watching the game I had reason to consider how much I miss seeing my favorite sport teams on television and began to ponder a job opening I recently read for an opening near my hometown and closer to family. Naturally, sports teams are not reason to make a significant career change; but I made a promise to myself several years ago never to send in a resume for a job on a whim (bad, bad, idea) and now am at the point where I am deciding if this is a good time for a change

Nine days out of ten I like my job. I would guess that is the case for most people. I am challenged by the work, enjoy the environment, earned the respect of my peers, and have had opportunity to grow professionally with state and national presentations, several published articles, the chance to sit on a state level organization board and work on conference planning with the same. Additionally, I am an adjunct instructor with our college of education and enjoy working with pre-service teachers both in the library and when asked to provide instruction in the classroom. On the other hand, I am not in a tenured position, there is no promotion, I do not have an opportunity to so significant research, and am often stretched so very far beyond my actual librarian job description (those challenging "duties as named later") it has become difficult to continue keeping all the balls in the air. While the grass is always greener, I do wonder if it is time for a change.

The deadline for applications is several weeks away, so I will give the idea more thought and determine what is best for me. I owe it to myself, as well as the job I have and the one I am considering, to consider the application with much thought and proceed for the right reasons

Right now, I am missing the end of Desperate Housewives and the chance to see the local ten o'clock news where there will be much made of the Steeler's win (insert sarcasm here).

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