Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guilty TV pleasure

Now that Dancing with the Stars is over, my guilty television pleasure is, Project Runway on Bravo. I admit when the first run episodes are on Wednesday evenings I generally fall asleep before the runway show and elimination. Luckily, Bravo shows the episodes two or three times during the week and I get the opportunity to see what I missed. Tonight, for instance, last nights episode repeated 8:00 pm and I got to see Tiki Barber judge the runway show (and laughed out loud when he mentioned not liking a contestants project because everyone would be looking at his butt).

This episode was the first time I have seen male models and a menswear design challenge. It was a unique twist and really caused quite a bit of angst among the contestants. Some of the designs were, to my plebeian taste, quite horrible; a serious case of what were they thinking. Through the whole thing Tim Gunn (now at Liz Claiborne!) remains, providing a constant touch of class.

We are well into another season of "making it work!"

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