Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sugar hangover

Halloween is over, the treat bags for my student workers have all been distributed, yet a few strange little pieces of candy remain in the resource center pumpkin. Monday afternoon I placed a lovely plastic jack-o-lantern with candy on the file cabinet, secure in the knowledge that its contents would be gone before the weeks end. Alas, the unthinkable has happened and college students are tired of sugar. The only treats left are the mini three musketeer bars (oddly enough flavored mocha, strawberry, and vanilla - that's just wrong) and individual packs of star bursts. Tomorrow, what ever might be left is destined for the trash.

The Monday article deadline draws ever closer; as of this afternoon I had over 2,200 words actually mashed together making a modicum of sense regarding my topic.

Only five more weeks of classes this term. It is almost unimaginable.


dreaminglily said...

It's possible for college kids to stop wanting sugar? Seriously? lol


Lynn said...

Hard to believe, huh?

Trash day has been pushed back until Monday and it is laden with the hope all traces of sugar have been consumed. When I left work on Friday the pumpkin still had some quality items remaining (re: chocolate!), but the student worker schedule for this weekend promised she'd take care of the problem.